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My name is Paul Greco and I am a drummer. I have been drumming now for 17 years and I have been playing in bands for over a decade. In that time I have played in many musical styles including metal, grunge, indie and punk and I am still playing now. The great thing about the drums are that you can sit behind them, hit them and get a rhythm much easier than you can pick up a guitar and play a song.

Avoid bad habits

But that doesnt mean you know how to play the drums. I see allot of drummers in bands who can hit them but I see less that can play them well. That is what I can teach you. I want to teach you how to play them correctly, how to tune and set your drum kit up and most importantly how to play well in a band. I can help you understand how to immerse yourself in the rhythm, really feel it and figure out what is right to play to it. You dont need to be complicated, you just need to play it right.

Learn in a relaxed recording studio with a great drum kit!

I will be teaching you on a Mapex Mapel drum kit that I use for gigging and recording at Event Studios Nottingham. We will work on what ever it is you want to learn. If you are an absolute beginner I will show you the basics from how to hold the sticks to how to correctly hit the drums. We can learn how to play your favourite songs by sound, not by reading it. This is very important for you to learn how to play well in a band; learn how the professionals do it and learn from them. I can help you understand what your style is and really bring out the best in your drumming. We can even run through any music from your band that you are struggling with and work out how to understand what goes well with it.


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Paul Greco- Drum Teacher

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