Beginner’s Guitar Lessons in Nottingham

Just starting out? You’ve come to the right place.

It is important to pick the right guitar teacher as a beginner – you need someone who has experience teaching beginners and someone who wants to get you going as soon as possible.

I have the knowledge to help you get going on the guitar, playing the songs you are dreaming of playing right now. I have taught for several years and have helped hundreds of beginner guitar players learn how to play the guitar quicker than they expected.


Des was a complete beginner when I first started teaching him. He knew absolutely nothing about the guitar and had never had a single guitar lesson. Des is now able to play any song he wants in the style of soul and reggae, which is his preferred genre of music. Des also knows a heap of theory which he wanted to learn and also likes to play blues guitar.


Jack was also a beginner when he started, having played for a while learning from various online tutorials but not really getting what he wanted. He now has the desire to become a guitar teacher himself  in just a few years time. Jack wanted a teacher who was flexible who would teach him songs that he was into and was not interested in “the boring stuff”.  Jack is able to play along with his favorite metal and rock songs now in a short space of time.


Steven came to me as a beginner to intermediate player, he was looking for a teacher who was friendly and able to have a laugh with but at the same time was able to get a well structured guitar lesson. I am Stevens second teacher, he has come on very well and is able to perform the barre chords and play along to most folk guitar style songs. Steven felt that before coming to me his playing was bland and his practice was unstructured. Steven has been coming for lessons for over three years now and really enjoys his lessons and is a totally different player now.


Harri is an up and coming blues guitarist. He started out as a beginner and is now able to improvise over any blues or rock track. Harri likes his lessons because he cant get answers to the questions he has anywhere else. Harri plays in a blues band and also attends jam sessions locally.

Do you want to be like the people above?  You can be! I can give you some FREE advice and discuss how my guitar lessons are different to most other guitar teachers, advise you on the different guitar lesson options I have available to you and how I can make your guitar playing another success story.

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    • Lisa & Steven
    • Rob’s enthusiastic yet patient teaching style allows me to progress at my own pace. I can’t recommend him enough!

    • Neil Sanders
    • I have been seeing Rob for guitar lessons for a few years now.  I am a guitar teacher myself and Rob has given me lots of confidence he really knows his stuff.

    • Karen Hubbard
    • I have been having guitar lessons with Rob for six months or so. He is really welcoming and friendly and sessions are relaxed and are at a pace that works to suit me. I get to choose the stuff I enjoy playing rather than being told what to play which makes a big difference to me and means I learn because I’m enjoying it and want to practice inbetween sessions. I have really come along way since starting with him, because I think he believes in
      me and my capabilities and cares about his students and tailors sessions to the individual.

    • Mandy Martin
    • Thanks Rob. Wish the school teachers were more like you, think they would get better results!!

      I like the way you really care about Oli

    • Paul vale
    • Rob is an outstanding teacher and has helped me enormously with his flexible, patient and professional approach

    • Justin Fisher
    • Having started as a complete beginner I found Rob to be very friendly, taking the time to find out what I wanted to learn.

      Lessons are adapted to suit what it is you want to play. Rob is very knowledgeable and offers plenty of support when there are elements I do not understand. I would highly recommend anyone willing to try Rob as a teacher.

      You will be rocking in no time….

    • Vic Roberts
    • Hi my name is Vic and i have been taking lessons from Rob for a few months now. I have tried a few teachers in the past but I think Rob is an excellent teacher by comparison. He is friendly easy going and makes the lessons enjoyable. Also it is nice to take lessons in a proper studio rather than someones front room. If you want to learn guitar or already play and want some advanced lessons I highly recommend Rob as a teacher.