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Success Stories

Des Walker

Des was a complete beginner when I first started teaching him. After a successful  career in football he wanted to play the guitar for enjoyment and have something fun to do in his spare time. He knew absolutely nothing about the guitar and had never had a single guitar lesson. Des is now able to play any song he wants in the style of soul and reggae, which is his preferred genre of music. Des also knows a heap of theory which he wanted to learn and also likes to play blues guitar.
Des is now a brilliant guitar player and enjoys playing for his own satisfaction.



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Success stories

Kalli joined me for guitar lessons as a beginner / intermediate player and wanted to learn the skills on the guitar she needed in order to express herself musically. She worked very hard with me and has become a great singer songwriter. As you can hear she can write excellent music and I am very excited to see her career as a singer songwriter develop.

Kalli regally performs live at various venues throughout the U.K and also has her music published on itunes and soundcloud as well as regually appearing on UKcountryradio and glastonburyfm.

Here’s what Kali has to say about her guitar lessons with Rob Greco in Nottingham:

“I enjoy my guitar lessons so much! Rob is great at tailoring the lessons to suit your own style and focuses exactly on what songs you want to play which makes it much more fun and engaging to learn. I am always learning new techniques and I’m amazed at how quickly I’m making progress. I would recommend Rob to anyone he is a great guitar tutor!”

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