Practicing the guitar 6

Practicing the guitar between your guitar lessons in Nottingham. Hopefully by now you’re really getting a sense of what it means to apply awareness of your guitar tuition in every day life, no matter whether that’s finding short moments in the day where you actually can pause to pick up your guitar and play and not do anything else for a short time, and simply check in and allow yourself to have some time with the guitar.

But also that idea of familiarizing yourself with being present no matter what you’re doing, the moment you realise you’re distracted just gently bring the attention back to what you was practicing on the guitar or reading from your notes from your guitar lesson in Nottingham and starting to get a sense of what it means to apply awareness in everyday guitar practice no matter what you’re doing.

Long term what were looking to do with our practice time on the guitar is to build up stability in this feeling of really strong familiarization with what it means to be present whilst practicing and after a while that simply becomes a way of living and habit with your guitar practice and playing. It requires surprisingly little effort.

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