Practicing Guitar 5

When we talk about integrating quality of practicing the guitar into every practice session, there are two ways of doing it. One is integrate being present in everything you are doing whilst you have your guitar in your hands with what ever you are doing. Another way is to find short bursts of time throughout the day where we can almost do a mini version of your guitar lesson or practice routine. You might find the odd minute or two where you are sitting on the bus or train or in a waiting room or at work. You don’t even have to be sitting with your guitar at all, you could be standing in line at the check out. You can use that time to just look over what you’ve done in your guitar lesson, it doesn’t even have to be that obvious but you can use that time to just visualize various chord or scale shapes or maybe a passage to the song you did last time in your guitar lesson. You will find, throughout the day that you get quite a lot of opportunities which at first might not have appeared to be there to just give yourself a mini guitar lesson.

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