Practicing the guitar 4

Practicing the guitar
From time to time whilst playing the guitar either in your home or at your guitar lessons you might find your mind drifting off and your playing suffering because of that.

When this happens its best to have a break if needed or work on something else which your guitar teacher has given you. I always look back to my honeymoon (jokes aside) my best guitar playing took place when I came back after three weeks of being away from the guitar. I felt refreshed and actually missed playing my guitar.

From time to time playing the guitar might seem like a chore and its important to split your practice time into sections. Have some fun down time playing songs you enjoy as well as working on parts which you might find challenging.

I gave a guitar lesson today and the man I taught said he was really struggling with his barre chords and that he felt frustrated with it. He had taken a few days off to unwind and came to his lesson today and was absolutely fine for what I would deem acceptable at his level of playing. Very often we can put unrealistic expectations on ourselves and this can be damaging to our overall practice and improvement of the guitar.

To summarise take a break if you are finding your mind drifting off and also to just be aware that leaning the guitar takes time and to just enjoy the process of watching yourself grow.

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