Practicing the guitar 3

Over the next few blog posts we will look at some of the obstacles to practicing guitar and how to over come them when they arise. We will also look at your motivation. You’ll have your own reasons why your going for guitar lessons and why you’re learning the guitar. Its really important to recognise how it impacts those around you as well because when you bring that attitude to your daily guitar practice it tends to soften the mind and making the practice feel that much easier. Imagine how good it will feel to be able to play at ease to your friends and family just being able to pick up the guitar and play! Perhaps you would like to perform in front of others at an event such as an open mic or a jam session or you might want to join a band. Maybe you want to play for a special occasion such as wedding or a birthday for your child. Either way, use these motivations each tine you pick up the guitar.

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