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Beginner Guitar Lessons Nottingham

As a beginner Guitar student it can be daunting knowing just where to start and if to learn on line, from a book, with a teacher or all of the above?

Very often online tuition aims for the masses and ultimately satisfies a minority.  It can be confusing learning from a book because the book does not give you any way of knowing if you are playing correct and very often (from my experience) if a guitar teacher is inexperienced can cause just as much confusion also.

I chose to learn via a guitar teacher and I had mixed opinions of them whilst I was learning. My first teacher was a perfectionist and would not allow me to move onto something until I had thoroughly mastered the previous lesson. Slowly I grew disenchanted and quit. It wasn’t to do with lack of talent or practice – It was the fact that this is Music which is an art not Mathematics.

I am very fortunate to have quit the guitar – Why you may ask?

Well…. I picked it back up again quite soon after and moved onto a different teacher. Honestly! the difference between the two was astonishing! I quickly regained my confidence and continued to learn the guitar. One of the all time great teachers and mentors was Tom Hess a master guitar teacher in Chicago. Tom taught me that music learning is a Geometric process not a linear one.

The majority of guitar books are written in a very logical linear way, it makes sense that if the person teaching you was taught this way then they will pass this information and method down to you (through no fault of their own).  This type learning makes perfect sense if you were  learning a topic which is linear such as Mathematics.  Music is not one of those topics.

LINEAR guitar teaching methods don’t work as well for beginner guitar players for a variety of different reasons . Students progress very  slowly, or give up like I did (thinking that they are to blame), leaving both the teacher and student  feeling confused as to what went wrong. Often to compensate for this, the teacher will not use any book at all and create their own method to teach but if they were taught in this logical linear way they will pass that information to the student. This often produces very slow progress.

Many technique based exercises are muscle based and can take weeks or months to develop others are more theoretical. Think about a body builder, would he or she just work on one arm and then move on to the next once the right arm is perfect? Sounds ridiculous! Why would we do this in music with a certain part of the song which is difficult to play?

After meeting Tom I was introduced to his way of teaching and I saw results faster than anything I expected. Tom now mentors guitar teachers and I am privileged to be member who he has fully mentored on how to effectively teach the guitar and avoid certain common potfuls. Also as a member of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle I have access to all of the cutting edge teaching methods available today for the topic of Music.

I pass on my training to each and every pupil and my aim is to get you to do in a month what would have taken me three.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact me today on 07814272649

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