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Review: Rotosounds

Does history matter when it comes to choosing your strings? This was something I was thinking about when trying out strings by Rotosounds. They make a big thing about their long track record going all the way back to 1957 and the fact that the strings are made in England. Of course it’s good to buy British when you can, but do these strings live up to their history?

The price is right?

Never mind the history. Let’s look at the maths first. These strings seemed cheaper than the competition. But you also get a free string for beginners – a nice touch. That free first string was ideal for my guitar lessons.

Traditional feel

As fits with the history of the make, the strings felt traditional in style. This is interesting because they are sponsored by Guthrie Govan, known for being a great contemporary player. But this more traditional feel was definitely something I noticed both in my guitar lessons and in my own playing. In my view, the strings are more geared towards styles like rock and roll, jazz and blues. That was fine for a lot of my guitar lessons, but not of course for all of them.

So what did my guitar tuition students make of the Rotosounds strings? Well, like me, they found them nice to play with a really good mellow tone. In fact, I couldn’t tell the difference between them and the leading (and more expensive) guitar string brands. In terms of playing, my guitar tuition students said that the Rotosounds felt as nice to play as they sounded. I would agree with that. Overall, they offered a good playing experience for the more traditional tunes in my guitar tuition and in my own playing.

The B side

The not so good side? Well, the main thing me and my guitar tuition students noticed was that the strings didn’t seem to last as long as newer brands I’ve reviewed like D’Addario. It seemed like the steel strings tarnished quite quickly. Plus, we also found we had to polish them up when we had used them.

My final take on the Rotosounds? It always feels good to buy British, but you need other reasons than that to buy a product. I’d say that with the free string and the good quality playing experience, there’s plenty here to offer the experienced player as well as the guitar tuition beginner.

Rob Greco



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