Dean Markley Electric Guitar Strings Review

Two weeks on: Dean Markley 11-52 Guitar Strings
Still going strong

Two weeks and a lot of guitar lessons later and I have to say it, my Dean Markley 11-52 strings are still going strong. I’m impressed. These aren’t just performance strings. They sound good out of the wrapper, but they also stay sounding sweet. I’ve seen these strings tried and tested by different student during my guitar lessons. From new starters to old hands, they’ve all had a great performance out of them. So what’s made these strings such a pleasant surprise to me, both in and out of my guitar lessons?
Great tone
First off, they’re really easy to play. Throughout my guitar lessons, students kept saying how simple they found the strings to play. Another comment that kept coming up is that they aren’t rough on the fingers. We also found that the guitar stays in tune for longer. Not only that, but I’d say the tone is easily as good as the market leader. I guess that means it’s not surprising that while the product isn’t big on sponsorship, it gets used by a lot of artists. In my view, these strings are great for all kinds of sounds and styles – helpful for guitar lessons where I’m working with people who want to play all kinds of music. Having said that, they do seem to be particularly good for styles such as blues and 90s-era metal.
Pleasantly surprised
It’s nice to be pleasantly surprised like this. Teaching guitar lessons means I get through a lot of strings. But I can honestly say that this product, while it’s on the more affordable end of the scale, feels nicely expensive to use. Unlike some other products, you don’t just get that short-lived fresh out of the packet feeling. They stay sounding and feeling fresh. That’s with all the work they have to do throughout a fortnight of guitar lessons, plus my own playing outside of giving guitar tuition!
Punching above their weight
I think you’ve got the picture. I like these. They feel great and sound great too. They manage to punch way above their weight both in terms of performance and durability. That lovely fresh out of the packet feeling keeps on going. It’s a very nice surprise that one of the lower cost guitar strings can give such a nice expensive performance. As you can guess, I’m impressed and the students in my guitar lessons were impressed. But there’s nothing like testing something out in person. Click below to see some reviews and try them for yourself!
Rob Greco

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