The Great Guitar Strings Review

First up for review in the great guitar strings review is the classic Ernie ball Regular Slinkies

I have a long relationship with these strings but have never stuck to one brand, so now is the time to find out just how good these  guitar strings are and put them to the test! I will use a Fender Stratocaster to test a series of guitar strings which will be used during guitar lessons and at home practice.

Ernie Ball strings are the choice for many players and its plain to see why, they sound great fresh out of the packet and seem to withstand the most challenging of guitar string bends!



Week One:

The thinnest string seems to have worn a little and the frets have indented them quite a lot. I have been using planet waves string cleaner after each session and the guitar strings are starting to feel “soapy” its time to switch to the trusty fast fret to restore some life back into them.

The strings are still quite fresh feeling, still has heaps of sustain and bite and are still clean looking.

Week Two:

Unfortunately after two weeks of use these guitar strings are now dull and lifeless. I cleaned them as usual after each session however they have no tone left in them and have gone dark.

Next up…

Elixir Nanoweb

These guitar strings have been raved about so naturally I wanted to try them out for use during guitar lessons. They cost nearly twice as much as a set of regular strings so how do they pan out?

Week one: So far so good! These strings really feel great and well made. The wound strings are very bright and the Steel strings feel sturdy! No spare “E” strings will be required here!

Week Two: Still going strong, as fresh as when I put them on, I have been using them during and after guitar lessons.

Week Three: No change! These seem to last longer than average strings

Week Four: The wound strings started to feel quite uncomfortable to play and the steel strings were just about worn out with use during and after guitar tuition.

General thoughts: Great all round tone, and feel generally however the strings are “stiff” to bend, especially if bending further than a single tone. When doing that typical tone and a half bend on the 1st string I really had to push hard but they seem to not “give”.  These guitar strings would be ideal for someone who wanted great tone, long life but the tension issue lets these strings down!

Next up:

Ernie Ball Cobalt



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