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Which guitar pick?

Guitar picks come in all shapes, sizes, brands and colours. The choice of picks is vast and this can be overwhelming for anyone new to learning the guitar.

So which one should you choose?

For general all round use a pick at .50mm would be a good place to start because the guitar pick is not too stiff but also not too flimsy.

As for shapes and sizes generally go for a normal looking pick as anything else might be difficult to use and may promote bad posture.

Try a few different “gauge” picks out between .50mm and .70mm (approx).

Test the pick out and have a touch to make sure it feels comfortable to hold. Some picks have a matt finish and these are generally better than the highly glossed picks as they tend to grip well. Better still if the pick has a grip embossed into it this would be the best choice to avoid losing the pick during guitar practice.

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